Death Island 2

The most beloved zombie legend returns!

"Dead Island 2" is a legendary vulgar adventure that spans horror, dark humor, and zombie slaughter.

This thrilling first-person action RPG allows players to traverse a brand new playground - the hellish LA (also known as HELL-A). "Dead Island 2" is stylish, vibrant, and full of zombie infection. Explore the iconic, bloody Los Angeles and meet lifelike characters. Slaughter countless enemies in finely bloody visuals and evolve into the ultimate zombie killer!

Brutal melee sandbox
Combat brings players the most exciting, visceral, and bloody first-person experience, with various weapon and strategic (and brutal) choices among the zombie army. Whether players are slicing, smashing, igniting, or tearing enemies apart, we want them to have the most realistic experience.

Explore Hell-A
"Dead Island 2" takes players from the lush suburbs of Beverly Hills to the peculiar Venice Beach, leading them through the terrifying landmarks of Los Angeles.

Dramatic cooperative adventure
As a true RPG, "Dead Island 2" offers players many interesting quests, crazy characters, and thrilling vulgar stories, immersing them in a twisted universe. This game also has high replayability, as it allows up to three players to gather in cooperative mode for a long (and bloody) journey in LA.

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