Disney Infinity Flying Car


Integrate into the ultimate hero racing game, inspired by the Disney and Pixar worlds, set against a backdrop of high-speed racetracks. Master the unique abilities of each character on the racetrack and win this exciting arcade racing experience from the creators of the Asphalt series!

Disney and Pixar go head-to-head
Including a range of incredible characters such as Captain Jack Sparrow, Mulan, Mickey Mouse, Sally, and Beast, among others, all suited up and revved up for the race. Upgrade the stats of each racer, make full use of their unique abilities, thereby influencing the outcome of each race and significantly altering your racing trajectory!

Redefining arcade racing
Anyone can pick up and play Disney Speedstorm, but mastering skills and techniques such as timing nitro boosters, precise turns, adapting to dynamic track environments is crucial to dominating each race.

Racing together has never been easier
Choose your racer and speed through action-packed tracks solo, or challenge friends in local and online multiplayer modes. You can even compete against players from around the world and become an online legend.

Disney and Pixar-themed racetracks
Ignite your engines in environments inspired by your favorite Disney and Pixar films. From the pirate docks of Pirates of the Caribbean island to the jungle ruins of The Wild, or race on the Great Wall of China starting from Mulan, or even race on treacherous grounds starting from Monsters, Inc., you can experience these race-designed worlds from a whole new and exciting perspective!

Customize according to your style
Choose your favorite racing suit, glamorous karting uniforms, showcase stylish wheels and wings - all of these and more can be achieved through the game's extensive customization features!

New content at your fingertips
With fresh seasonal content always on the horizon, the action never slows down. New Disney and Pixar racers will be regularly added, bringing special abilities to master (or overcome), and unique tracks will be created frequently, injecting new strategies into the mix. Support for characters, environments, customization options, and collectibles will also appear regularly, ensuring there's always more to experience.

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